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Thought Process

Destiny, Ethical thoughts, Divinity, Soul Realization – Everything comes under a package deal named – “Philosophy” – Just a thought process how we understand it, imbibe it or simply what it does to us…

I feel we are in debt of great gratitude to our mind’s creativity for blaming our negativity and our unfavourable situations in Life on the name of Destiny or Almighty…It would be really horrifying for us if we don’t have the above two entities to be blamed for. Inspite of taking the blame it also teaches us – to explain and understand our lives in a better way, it sometimes teases our brains and also explores our heart, helping us to dust our daily lives and soul.

For me, Philosophy helps me to look beyond, figures out my own truths and makes me feel my own emotions. I also call it as an Art – Capable of brining transformations in me and making me to focus on the truth I can relate to.

Sometimes…No many a times it filters our souls, opens up our faculties of imagination and Intuition to unravel the question of “Why me” in our lives.

Would like to end it up like this…

To Handle our Emotional Roller-coaster rides, accepting the package deal would help us to purge our own emotional overload which in turn elevates us and enhances our innerself and reality.

R. Saradha


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