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The Last Ride

What happens when a person dies?

“When person soul leave’s the body, it is not only he dies but the whole family who fall apart”.

The mother was crying. The wife was numb. The small kids were clueless until they realized they’ve lost their hero, their father. One minor road accident and the God took him to his paradise, forever.

He traveled alone to the heaven leaving behind his little sweethearts, his darling and his queen in hell. People came with bags of condolences. Each eye  filled with sympathy and pain.

The wife had lost hope in everything. She lost her main man, she lost the love of her life. All of a Sudden, her world turned upside down.She could see herself surrounded by cyclones and storms. Even the heavy rain couldn’t mask her tears, which kept flowing uncontrollably.

After hours of crying, she became numb. She could not listen to anything but silence. A void that her husband left behind for her. The heart kept aching. All the wishes she made  left unfulfilled.

He promised to be with her forever but he broke his promise, the promise that gave her unbearable pain. An excruciating pain which she kept tolerating. Pain that suffocated her. She had no words left in her mouth. She was looking for a reason to breathe but she could not find one.

Painful Thoughts

Painful thoughts and images of him, his smiling face hovered her brain while the people kept consoling her unaware that their voices can’t reach her. Get up, dress up and show up-this is what people say, right? I wish it was that easy as it seems.

How unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally we become so dependent on the opposite sex. Emotionally and mentally, we just surrender ourselves to them.

How the beautiful and the colorful rainbow suddenly gets replaced with black dark sheets of clouds. How the warm sunshine gets replaced with heavy cold rain which hits hard on the body.  In no time, the world, the dream world apparently, falls apart. The dollhouse gets collided and the Barbie is left all alone to face the hurdles.

She has become all alone to live life all by herself. You know what is worse? No one ever taught her to live alone. Raised by her father, protected in his presence and eventually being sent to another man to take care of him and his kids.

And then there were the kids, who didn’t even know what ‘’death’’ is. ‘’Dad, come back soon, I miss you’’ as he picks up his dad’s shirt from the floor. They did not even get over from the shock and the loss didn’t even get time to make their mom feel comfortable with their presence around her as they were kept busy in performing all the rituals that will make the old-era people happy.


Rituals, which didn’t hold any meaning to the kids. The RITUALS, which will certainly NOT bring back life to the lifeless. Will it?

There are some people who said ‘’ Hey, I am so sorry for your loss, May God give you the strength’’ as they lit another cigarette whose smoke covered the face of the sufferer. And then there are people, who cried and shouted till they lost their voices and later found talking in whispers over the phone saying ‘’ What is the plan for tonight?’’.

And then there were people who filled their tummies with the food till their food-pipes choked, had a great laugh, gossiped and went back. ‘’Wo kehte hai na, jo ho gaya,so ho gaya. Ab kya kar sakte hain?( Like we say what we can do about it who went off, it is something one cannot change)


And in the end what happens? Life goes on yes. The last few breaths are the most precious breaths ever. And in the end, no matter what, we all are here living happily or unhappily under one sky till we say ‘Last goodbye’ to the world.

This reminds me off words from a song which really touched my heart

“Alvida yaara alvida Ho rahein tum se hum Judaa Le chale saare gam tere Khush rahe yaaraan tu sadaa”. (Bye Everyone, I am going apart, taking all your sorrows, be happy forever)


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