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One Day I Will be the Change

What has changed?

Nothing! I’m sure nothing has changed, nothing. Yeah, the date has changed and it is changing every day. The time has changed, and it is changing every second.

Then why am I not changing? I look upon the clock and the calendar and I’m jealous, it is changing well they go with the time.

I hate the fact that unlike them, I’m unable to coordinate with life and its events.

I’m unable to follow up with life but the calendar manages to cope up well without any fail.

One Day I Will be the Change

I wonder how each morning flips its page on a new day.

You know what is worse? The new page of a calendar gives new hopes to everyone.

‘’New Day New Me’’- Really? But I don’t feel the ‘’new me’’ within myself. Do you?

The calendar has an ability to change one whole day and here I am, unable to rejects the sudden quick moments falling on my forehead.

One Day I Will be the Change

I wish I was a calendar, no matter what, I would have also gone with the flow just like a dead fish who goes with the flow.

Sometimes I think it is boring but not boring to an extent where you stop moving at all. That is what I am doing.

 I think my body is moving from one place to another, extreme boring places to be precise but my mind and my heart keep wandering like a ‘banjaran’(Nomad/gypsy).

It becomes very difficult when the mind and heart are ready to explore and the stupid body is adamant. Stuck. Glued to one place.

One Day I will be the Change

Hey calendar, I used to hate you first. I used to hate the fact that you’reenjoying new days and phases of life.

I used to hate the fact even after seeing that I’m not yet done with a particular day, you still used to flip your page to a new day.

You never used to wait for my agony to become less. But you know what? I will win this time.

Forget about flipping your page to a ‘’new damn day’’, with every second and with every new minute I will change myself and I will move on, explore.

And I Will be the ‘Change’


By -Heena Afreen

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