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7 ways to live a better life

7 ways to live a better life: People usually think that money will help them to live a better life. Yes, I agree. But my question is that, “Will money only be enough?”

Making money might help you to live a life, but it doesn’t mean that you can live a better life. While making money we should include some more things which will make our life better.

Follow these 7 tips which will make your life better:

1.     Always Smile

Always smile | Tamil thoughts
Always smile | Tamil thoughts

Most of the issues begin just because of the expression in the face. When you look at someone in an impolite way, people will get irritated and they will get angry on you.

But while looking others if there is a little smile on your face then they will feel good and they will smile back. Just because of smiling, we can bring new relation in our life.

People usually ask me “Why do I always smile?” I just have one answer for that, smiling changes the mood how my opposite person speaks.

We cannot say that it is a fake smile, because we are smiling with an intention to build a relation.

People usually finds nickname for someone who smiles a lot, but I will just say one word for a person who always smile; ‘Continue’.

Let people think anything, smile will always fit on your face.

80% of problems can be avoided with just a smile.

2.     Love yourself first

Love yourself | Tamil Thoughts
Love yourself | Tamil Thoughts

How to love yourself? Just take care of yourself. Be healthy stay healthy.

Do exercise, eat healthy food, and stay away from harmful things (tobacco, drugs, Alcohol etc.)

A quote about smoking “It is very easy to stop smoking, but very difficult not to start again”

Your life will be a lot better for long time if you love yourself. If you won’t love, then for short time it might be better, because you won’t be there for long.

As a Bachelor, YOU should be the first priority after your PARENTS. Don’t forget your parents, because they are the reason that you love yourself. Don’t waste your time by falling for others.

When you get married, other than your parents you will have lot of them to love; wife, son, daughter.

When loving them also you should not forget your health, because you need your health to care them more.

Love yourself first and everything will be better for you

Start learning to love yourself, it might be difficult. But you can. (Just rely on the next point- Believe in yourself).

Self love is the best love

3.     Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself | Tamil Thoughts
Believe in yourself | Tamil Thoughts

Always have faith in yourself! Whenever you make a decision, never hesitate to move on. If you believe it is right, then do not consider others negative advises, because others won’t like to see you winning.

When you believe in yourself, you will have the courage to do anything.

Having faith in yourself is not so easy, you will be so confused. If you are getting positive advises, then consider it, or else leave it.

How do you believe in yourself??? Take Right Decisions.

To take right decisions, make a research on your decision. Ask your closest friends and family about the decisions.

If you have enough positive comments, then your decision is Right.

Always be yourself, Express yourself


4.     Learn till the last breath

Learn till the last Breath | Tamil thoughts
Learn till the last Breath | Tamil thoughts

Learning is a continues process, it never ends. You might be 20 years old or 50, but never stop learning. Only your knowledge will help you to reach your dreams.

I am not speaking only about higher education. The small new things which you get to know daily are also a part of learning. Read books, Explore new things; it will help you to be unique.

You will have answers for many things. It will help you to stand out from the crowd.

We should always be up-to-date. Such people will always be ahead from others.

As Albert Einstein said “once you stop learning you start dying”

5.     Live a life like there is no Tomorrow

Hard work- anxiety | Tamil Thoughts
Hard work | Tamil Thoughts

People usually say that, “We have only one life, so live a life like there is NO tomorrow”, it is meant that we should enjoy and party hard.

But what I have to say is that, “We have only one life, so live a life like there is a better tomorrow”.

What I mean is that, we should enjoy and work hard.

God might have planned something better for you tomorrow, so don’t waste your time, get prepared.

Live a simple life with great ambitions.

6.     Depressed??? It’s not the End

Depressed | Tamil Thoughts
Depressed | Tamil Thoughts

Usually we fall into problems. If you are a student, then you might be depressed of your exams, projects, home works etc.

If you are working then you might be depressed about your targets, superiors, clients etc.

Whenever you feel stuck or depressed just think that your life won’t end because of that incident, there is a life after the incident. So be happy.

Life is about facing problems, it is common. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone falls into problems.

Try to overcome the incident soon, because there are beautiful days ahead waiting for you.

Just tell yourself, nothing is going to happen because of that incident, you will feel relaxed (All is well)

There will be bad days, and they will end.


7.     Last but not the least- Don’t lie

Don't Lie | Tamil Thoughts
Don’t Lie | Tamil Thoughts

Truths are bitter, but lies are worse. To hide a lie, you should tell other 100 lies which will make the situation worse. So tell the truth and face it. People will start trusting you more than anyone.

You will feel peace when you tell the truth. It will help you to live a life better life.

Once a liar is always a liar, No one will believe you late.

This just remind me about a story which we learned in our childhood; Don’t lie- Panchatantra.

Be like your Heart, It will never lie to you


No one is perfect, so no need to act as if you are perfect. Instead work hard and prove it. Follow these 7 tips to live a better life and you will feel a great change and happiness in your life.

Change your words, change your mind.

By Jawhar Abdul rahiman

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