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7 secrets for a successful life and career

7 secrets for a successful life and career

Everyone wants and expects a successful life and a good career as long as he lives in this universe.

Success is not an event but a continuous process. You must aspire to and dream of higher positions in your career and in your life.

1. Self-confidence:

This is the mainstay of all factors. Have a clear vision of your goal, which should be practical, dignified, viable and fully confident in your ability to achieve it at all costs.

2. Sincere attempts:

Strive honestly, no doubt both mentally and physically. There should be no gaps in your efforts.

3. Good start:

Everything that is good ends well. So, plan it properly, otherwise (bad planning) plans your failure.

4. Winning spirits:

First, try to win the spirit of your parents, teachers, and elders, who always want your well-being and show them respect and gratitude for their advice and help at the right time. They are a blessing for you disguised and never underestimate them. They seek their valuable experience and advice when needed.

5. Have pure thoughts:

Remember and always remember that bad thoughts hurt our body more than the food we eat.

6. Have helping nature:

Helping others indirectly means helping themselves and, over time, the recipients of your services provide valuable services as part of their efforts and careers.

7. Have much faith in God:

Of all the above factors, this is the most important factor. (Atheists may not believe in God.)

My sincere advice is to read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi (the Great Soul) “My Experiences with Truth.” Gandhiji always starts his daily programmers by prayer. He has immense faith in God the Almighty.

He fought bravely against the mighty British Empire and gained independence from India on August 15, 1947.

The golden word is: “Hope is life”. Doubt is death.

-Samreen quazi

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